Students Bring History Alive

3rd Annual Living Wax Museum

On May 10, 4th graders brought to life historical figures during the Northeast Bradford Elementary School’s 3rd Annual Living Wax Museum. Starting at 9 am, students “froze” in their wax positions until guests (fellow elementary school students, family and community members) pressed their buttons to hear their prepared presentations.

Participating students began the month-long project by choosing a famous person, dead or alive, and proceeded with book and internet research about their subject. Students used graphic aids to organize notes and complete a five-paragraph essay about their famous person.  Students were then tasked with writing a speech, which was practiced in class.  Some students chose to use props to help portray their character, including Google slide shows and posters.

Throughout the project, students showed excitement, enthusiasm and creativity while learning about interesting famous figures and important 4th grade standards.

  • Leigha Ludwig as Cleopatra

  • Sophia Tice as Pocahontas

  • Abigail O’Connor as Rachel Carson (with Mrs. Hughes)

  • Avery Salsbury as Marie Antoinette

  • Wyatt Campbell as Elvis Presley

  • Zandrick Raymond as Bruce Lee

  • Kelsea Moore as Walt Disney

  • Rhianna Cole as Clara Barton

  • Makenna Callear as Laura Ingalls Wilder