Important Changes to High School Policies

The 2017-2018 Student Handbook for the Northeast Bradford Jr./Sr. High School includes changes to the dress code and electronics policy.


The Northeast Bradford Dress Code is based on the premises of health and safety, cleanliness, and modesty, thereby creating no distraction to adults and students.

All students wearing clothing that is considered disruptive to the classroom may be sent to the office. When clothing is deemed inappropriate by the administration, students will be required to change into clothing that meets the dress code standards. Warnings will be issued on the first referral. All subsequent referrals will be disciplined accordingly. Unacceptable clothing includes the following:

  • Un-hemmed sleeveless shirts that are not tight to the armpit
  • Any shirts revealing midriff or cleavage.
  • Halter tops, one shoulder tops, tube tops, backless shirts, spaghetti straps or any strap- less than a dollar bill width.
  • No revealing pants, yoga pants must have over- garment/shirt that must come to mid-thigh level. Shorts, skirts or dresses. All must be at least fingertip length (with elbows and arms straight).
  • Excessive tears that may display a student’s undergarments, no holes or tears above the fingertips (with elbows and arms straight).
  • Excessive accessories including spikes, chains, etc.
  • Any messages or images that express or imply obscenity, violence, drug use, the illegal use of any substance, sexual content or messages degrading others on account of race, color, religion, creed, national origin, gender, sexual orientation or disability.
  • No bandanas and/or hats to be worn indoors, except during approved special dress days.


No cell phone or other electronics are to be out during the school day this includes ear buds and headphones. Phones or other electronics are to be in students backpack/bag/lockers at all time.
The daily classroom use of electronic devices (cell phones, IPods, laptops, etc.) will be at the discretion of the classroom teachers. Individual teacher’s policies on electronic device usage may differ.

Students will be permitted to use their electronic devices in designated areas of the building at specific times (before school, after school, study halls, cafeteria).

Students who do not abide by the NEB electronics policy must turn over the device to the teacher/administrator. Students will face consequences for violating the electronics policy.

Confiscated items will be returned on the following basis:

  • First Offense: Warning given and item returned at end of school day.
  • Second Offense: Lunch detention and item returned to parent or guardian.
  • Third and subsequent offense: One day of  time out and item returned to parent or guardian.

Telephone paging devices are prohibited in the school with the following exceptions, which require written request and the principal’s approval:

  • Student is a member of a volunteer fire company, ambulance or rescue squad. (Chief of the company or squad must make a written request.)
  • Student is in need of a telephone paging device due to the medical condition of an immediate family member. (A health care provider must make the written request.)
  • Student is provided with a paging device for employment purposes when such device remains in the student’s vehicle while on school grounds. (The employer must make the written request.)

NEB reserves the right to place restrictions on the possession or use of any electronic device currently available or that may be available in the future. The student bears total responsibility for safeguarding any electronic device in his/her possession.

NEB assumes no responsibility for the loss, theft, damage or misuse of any electronic device brought onto school grounds, to a school sponsored activity or on any district vehicle.