Fifth graders enjoy field trip

By Makenna Callear and Zack Roberts

Have you ever been to Alparon Park? Fifth grade visited, but not for the Troy Fair! We attended Safety Day. All fifth graders in Bradford County were invited to attend this day focusing on health and safety. There were nine stations and they included: Gun Safety, Dog Safety, Skin and Health Safety, Truck Safety, Addiction Awareness, Bullying, Pesticide Safety, and Health/ EMT safety.

Students rotated through each station throughout the morning. Thankfully the weather was excellent. At one o’clock,  we all met in the grandstand area for lunch and the Grand Finale. It was pretend, but it taught us how ambulances and firemen keep us safe. They had a big rig, an ambulance, and a fire rescue truck. A lady was on her cell phone not keeping an eye on her child. The child ran out in front of the truck and was hit. The child fell to the ground and the ambulance pulled up to rescue her. First they put her on a backboard and then the stretcher. The firemen helped, too.

After lunch, we packed up and headed to our buses for back to school. On the way out, we noticed a fire truck had tipped over and got stuck in the grass. We had a great day learning about Rural Health and Safety. We  wonder if they will do it again next year? If so, we hope the fifth graders enjoy the day as much as we did.