Letter from HS Guidance Office, July 30

CORRECTION TO ORIGINAL EMAIL: Periods 1-3 and periods 6-8 rotate.

Attention Students and Parents/Guardians:

Student schedules can be accessed through the portals beginning on Aug. 1, 2018. To access either the parent or student portals, visit the website, www.nebpanthers.com, click on “Students” to access the student portal and “Parents” to access the parent portal. Parents, please create a Parent Portal if you have not already done so. Once clicking on “Parent Portal,” click on “Create Parent Account.” If you (or your child) does not know his/her student identification number (the same number they use in the lunch line), please contact the high school.

Things that you should see on your schedule:

  • All necessary courses for next school year scheduled during a period in your schedule.

Things that you may not see on your schedule and will get the first day of school:

  • Homeroom assignment.
  • A lunch assignment.
  • Locker numbers and combinations.
  • Study Halls.
  • Any online coursework.

Other Information:

  • All required paperwork for each school year will be provided to students the first week of school and will need to be signed by the parent/guardian of each student.
  • There will be sign-ups for student clubs/organizations after the start of the school year and any needed adjustments to schedules will be done at this time.
  • If you have questions regarding transportation to and from school, contact the Transportation Office at 570-744-2521, ext. 2265.
  • We will be on a six-day rotation. (See the below bell schedule.)
  • Periods 1-3 will rotate and periods 6-8 will rotate.

Call the Guidance Office if:

  • You have been scheduled for a class you have previously passed, or scheduled for a class you are not eligible to take.
  • You are scheduled for a class you no longer want to take, or would like to add an additional course.
  • You have not been scheduled for a class that you know is required for the coming school year.
  • You are scheduled for less than 6.0 credits (grades 9-12 only).

Adding and dropping courses requires parental permission, but many times adjustments can be made over the phone. Parents, please call the Guidance Office as soon as possible to make adjustments to your student’s schedule. At times, it may be necessary to make an appointment to discuss scheduling changes in person. Appointments can be scheduled through the Guidance Office at 570-744-2521, ext. 2209. All changes should be made before Aug. 15, 2018.

Periods 1-3 rotate and periods 6-8 rotate. The rotation will be explained on the first day of school.  The high school will run on a six-day rotation. Students will be told what lunch they eat in homeroom on the first day. All 7th and 8th grade students will eat first lunch.

Reminder that 7th Grade Night/Orientation will be held in the high school cafeteria on Aug. 20, 2018 at 6 pm.

Regular Bell Schedule 2018-19

MTG7:45 am-8:10 am(Teachers)
8 amStudents begin arriving
(Hallway restrictions apply)
HR8:20 am-8:25 am
18:28 am-9:08 am(Period rotates)
29:11 am-9:51 am(Period rotates)
39:54 am-10:34 am(Period rotates)
410:37 am-11:17 am
AA11:20 am-11:40 am Same as homeroom to start
A LUNCH11:43 am-12:13 pm
5A12:16 pm-12:56 pm
511:43 am-12:23 pm
B LUNCH12:26 pm-12:56 pm
612:59 pm-1:39 pm(Period rotates)
71:42 pm-2:22 pm(Period rotates)
82:25 pm-3:05 pm(Period rotates)

(Periods 1-3 rotate and periods 6-8 rotate.)


Lee Anne Barrett
School Counselor