“Two Minutes to Win It” Supermarket Sweep

The Northeast Bradford Education Foundation announces its second annual “Two Minutes to Win It” Supermarket Sweep at Hurley’s Supermarket in Towanda. Tickets may be purchased from any NEB Education Foundation member or NEB district employees.

There will be three prizes:

  1. Grand prize winner will have the choice of a two minute shopping spree at Hurley’s (with a $1,250 cap) or a $1,000 Hurley’s gift certificate;
  2. Second prize winner will receive a $250 Hurley’s certificate; and
  3. Third prize winner will receive a $100 Hurley’s certificate.

The winners will be drawn on Saturday, Oct. 13, 2018, at the NTL cross country Coaches Invitational at the High School.  If the winning ticket holder is unable to run through Hurley’s, they may choose one person to shop in their place. The winner will only be able to take one cart at a time and must bring the full cart back to the front of the store before taking another. The only off-limit items will be tobacco products and milk.

Ticket prices are ONE for $10, THREE for $20 or EIGHT for $40. Tickets may be purchased in another person’s name, such as a local Food Pantry, for those who may not feel like they need the shopping spree, but have a desire to support the goals of the NEB Education Foundation.

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