Gummy Bear Science

Students in 5th grade science classes with Mrs. Funk recently conducted experiments to commemorate  the opening day of “GOOSEBUMPS 2,” which came out in theatres on October 12. Gummy bears are important characters in the movie, and students conducted experiments to see what would happen to the mass and length of gummy bears soaked in various solutions overnight.

First students weighed and measured their bears, and recorded the mass and length. Next, students created various solutions in which to soak their bears. Solutions were created from various materials, such as baking soda, salt, sugar, vinegar and baby oil. Finally after soaking overnight, the students observed and recorded their data.

Here are the results:


  • Each gummy bear, dry and out of the package, weighed 2 g and measured 2 cm in length.


Gummies’ weight and length changed, as did their texture:

  • WATER – 6g, 4 cm, slippery, sticky
  • BABY OIL – 8 g, ½ cm, slimy, mushy
  • VINEGAR – 11 g, 3 cm, jello-like, fell apart easily
  • WATER- 2g, 2 cm, rubbery, mostly dry feeling
  • BAKING SODA – 10 g, 1 inch, grew larger,slimy, slid around hand easily
  • SUGAR – 3 cm, 7 g, larger in size, slimy
  • SALT – less than a gram, 2 cm, no change – rainbow colored

Data compiled by students:

Ben Ellis, Leah Beebe, Paul Cooley, Tyler Thoman, Brennin Thoman,

Pictured are students:

Leah Fries, Jarrod Button, Cooper Brown, Brennin Thoman, Alex Vandervort, Matt Weaver, Connor Eastabrook,Tifani Wraten, Izaiah Randall