Shark Week at the High School

Mrs. Williams’ Entrepreneurship and Marketing class recently had the opportunity to present their entrepreneurial ideas to the “Sharks” during Shark Tank Week. Student ideas included:

  • Caleb Billings and Jason Hayner — AquaZap, a vent-less fireplace that uses only water and electricity to run.
  • Lucas Crown and Caleb Poust — Crown Tire, a tire that fixes itself upon being punctured.
  • Lauryn Schultz and Chloe Baker — Battery Saver, an app that helps people to share phone battery charges.
  • Lauryn Jones, Sophia Jampo, Kylie Lewis — Cereal Lock, a bag to sell to cereal companies that seals your cereal once you have opened it.
  • Dan Williams and Ian Wilbur — SkyWay, an Uber-type business that uses helicopters.
  • Brady Hopkins, Will Ostrander, and Zak Smith — Hawkeye Sights, a variable zoom scope for bows for archery hunters.
  • Collin Allis, Julian Jampo and Dale Brown — SpotOn, a rearview mirror that converts into a spotlight for spotting deer.
  • Karalyn Walter and Spencer Jackson — FreshKix, a sports bag that has replaceable fresheners for sports clothing and gear.

Sharks on the panel were Mr. Moore, Mr. Murphy, Mrs. Dewing, Mrs. Bellinger and Mrs. Goble; and the teacher/evaluator was Mrs. Williams.