Shoe Drive to Support Marching Band

Your gently worn, used and new shoes can help the marching band get new uniforms!

Our team is participating in a fundraiser with nothing to buy or sell; all we need is your support and your gently worn, used and new shoes. We are looking for community members to support us by agreeing to collect 25 pairs of gently worn, used and new shoes through February. Can we count on you?

Here’s how you do it:

  1. Start in your family’s closets and gather pairs of shoes that are too small, outdated or out of season.
  2. If you have 25 pairs, great. Bag ’em up.
  3. If not, ask your neighbors and co-workers to clean out their shoe racks and closets. Once you have a total of 25 pairs, bag ’em up.
  4. If you can’t collect 25 pairs, then try for 15, 10, or 5. Every pair helps.
  5. Deliver bagged shoes into either Mr. Morgan at the High School, or Mrs. Weir at the Elementary
    School. We will accept shoes between January 1 and February 29, 2020.

These shoes will support our marching band program, as well as small business owners in developing countries like Haiti, Colombia and Tanzania.

To acknowledge your support or for more information, contact Mrs. Weir at the Elementary School, 570-744-2521