School Board Members are elected at the November general election to four year terms on a staggered basis. All members are elected at-large. School Board Members must be at least 18 years of age and a resident of the Northeast Bradford School District for at least one year prior to seeking a term. By law each School Board consists of nine members who serve their terms without pay. The Board meets the first week in December and elects a president and vice-president for the coming year.


The duties / responsibilities of the School Board Members are to:

  • Profess a deep desire to serve children and a strong belief in the values of public schools and local control of public education.
  • Use their vested authority to establish, equip, furnish, operate, and maintain the public schools.
  • Establish policies necessary for the governing of the school district, its employees, pupils, and all persons entering school grounds or premises.
  • Ensure educational opportunities for all students of the school district.
  • Appoint a Superintendent of Schools and invest such powers in the superintendency as may be legally delegated.
  • Elect a treasurer and a secretary.
  • Act on personnel and related matters as recommended by the Superintendent of Schools.
  • Approve the annual budget.
  • Adopt a master calendar annually.
  • Enter into contracts with all personnel in the manner required by Pennsylvania law.
  • Levy taxes to maintain the schools and the educational system.

Board Guidelines:

    • School Board Members are both state and local officials. Though elected locally, they serve on behalf of the state legislature.
    • School Boards are units of local government, the only such unit spelled out in the state constitution.
    • School Boards are legislative bodies, empowered to set policy within the framework of the statutes enacted by the legislature.
    • School Boards participate in long range / strategic planning, and evaluate the results.