Late Bus Cancelled

Due to 2017-2018 budget restraints, students involved in after-school activities will no longer have a late bus to take them home. Students will need to be picked up by parents or student-approved drivers. Contact High School Principal Robert Moore at 570.744.2521, ext. 2203 or with questions.

Important Changes to High School Policies

The 2017-2018 Student Handbook for the Northeast Bradford Jr./Sr. High School includes changes to the dress code and electronics policy. DRESS CODE The Northeast Bradford Dress Code is based on the premises of health and safety, cleanliness, and modesty, thereby creating no distraction to adults and students. All students wearing clothing that is considered disruptive to the classroom may be …

Incomplete One Call Messages

If you receive an automated One Call message that is partially cut off, call 877-698-3261 and press 1, to access messages left within the last 24-48 hours.