Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


1. Where can I make payments?

Payments can be made in person at any area First Citizens Bank branch or mailed to NEBSD Lockbox, PO Box 40, Mansfield PA 16933-0040. Make all checks payable to Northeast Bradford School District and ensure the coupon accompanies the payment.

2. Can I pay with one check?

Yes. You can write one check for all the school district taxes being paid. Remember to send in all all the corresponding coupons.

3. Will bank personnel answer my tax questions?

No. The district is using the bank lockbox for collection purposes only. Any questions should be directed to the Business Office at (570) 744-2521.

4. Where can I get more information?

Keep checking our tax collection website at for updates and information regarding your taxes. If you cannot find the information on our website please contact the Business Office at (570)744-2521.

5. How do I request a receipt?

Receipts will not be issued until the tax payments have cleared. You may request a receipt by sending an email request to Please include the tax bill number or parcel number for all taxes in which a receipt is being requested. You can also send a self addressed stamped envelope with your payment for a receipt.

6. I no longer own the property but still received a bill.

If you receive a bill for property you no longer own please return the bill to the Northeast Bradford School District Business Office. If known please also provide the name of the new property owner.

7. What are the dates to pay my real-estate taxes by the installment method?

The installment due dates are: 08/31 09/30, and 10/31. In order to use the installment method the first payment must be received by the due date. When using this method the discount does not apply. A 10% penalty will be assessed if payments two and three are submitted past the deadline.

8. My taxes are in escrow, what do I do with my bill?

Make a copy of your bill for your records and forward the entire original bill to your mortgage company for payment. The mortgage company will not receive a bill from the school district.

9. What is an occupational tax?

Occupation taxes are assessed on all employed residents in the school district that hold an occupation. The Occupation assessment tax is a flat tax rate based upon your occupation title.

10. What is a Per Capita Tax?

A per capita tax is a flat rate tax equally levied on all adult residents within the school district. It is not dependent upon employment.

11. Can I be exempt from my Occupational or Per Capita Taxes?

Please click on the “Tax Exemption Application” link. Carefully read through this form to see if you qualify for exemption. If you do, please fill out the form and mail it to the school. Northeast Bradford School District, Attn: Taxes. 526 Panther Lane, Rome, PA 18837.