Dual Enrollment

Northeast Bradford School District partners with Mansfield University, Clarion University and Lackawanna College to offer college courses to high school juniors and seniors*. These courses are designed for highly-motivated, academically successful students who plan to attend college after graduation. Through the dual enrollment program, students have the opportunity to earn college credits while they earn high school credits.

*Sophomore students who are identified as gifted may also participate in Mansfield and Clarion courses.


Students in grades 11 and 12 are eligible to participate in dual enrollment courses. (Students identified as gifted in grade 10 may also participate in courses offered by Mansfield and Clarion.)

To participate, students must meet the eligibility requirements outlined in the district’s Dual Enrollment Policy:

  • Satisfactorily completed the appropriate units of credit for his/her grade level.
  • Have an 89% average or better in all district classes.
  • Meet district attendance criteria.
  • Pass the university’s placement examination(s).
  • Maintain a minimum grade of an 80% in each dual enrollment course.

Students may pursue dual enrollment credit for up to four Lackawanna College courses per school year. In addition, students may schedule a total of two courses per semester from Mansfield and/or Clarion.

Detailed information about dual enrollment can be found in the 2019-2020 Course Catalog (PDF) and the Dual Enrollment Presentation (PDF).