Elementary Arts

A beautiful mural promoting reading was unveiled recently at Northeast Bradford Elementary School. The enormous mural, measuring approximately 20’ x 7’, was created throughout the 2016-2017 school year in NEB’s gifted class under the guidance of art/gifted teacher Mr. Pivelis. Students Samantha Burnett, Jace Nichols, Emily Susanj, Cam Baker and Kate O’Connor designed, drew and painted the mural onto large panels.

The mural depicts numerous children reading various books in the foreground as multiple characters and scenes from their imaginations fill the background. Castles, dragons, pandas, rainbows, pyramids, The Cat In The Hat, rocket ships and elephants are just a few of the images found in this colorful work of art. The mural’s theme, “Reading can take you anywhere,” is painted at the top.

“These students exceeded all expectations and created something special that will hopefully inspire other students for years to come,” said Pivelis.

Left to right: Samantha Burnett, Kate O’Connor, Emily Susanj, Jace Nichols and Cam Baker pictured with part of their mural.

The artwork is prominently displayed near the elementary school cafeteria so that all students are able to see the images every day at school. Visitors are invited to check out the massive painting during normal school hours.