Students planning to participate in college sports need to understand the difference in the division levels in terms of scholarship opportunities as well as academic requirements.  All students considering college athletics should register with the NCAA no later than their sophomore year.

NCAA Eligibility Center –

This website helps high school student-athletes successfully transition to college. The enhanced online content gives students a broad look at the initial eligibility process and detailed information about common eligibility situations, including those involving international, home-bound and non-traditional students.

Students are guided through the initial eligibility requirements, recruiting guidelines, and timelines to stay on track during high school. Use our school’s code (394288) to download a list of NCAA-approved courses offered at Northeast Bradford. The Guidance Office updates Northeast Bradford’s core courses annually with the NCAA.

To learn more about each division’s academic requirements, download the appropriate quick reference guide:

To report SAT and ACT scores directly to the NCAA, use code 9999 when registering for the exams.

Additional resources: