Panther Academy

The Panther Academy offers a flexible and supportive learning program for students and parents seeking an alternative to the conventional classroom education through online instruction.

  • Tuition-free programs are available to students in grades K-12.
  • Students earn a diploma from Northeast Bradford School District and may walk at graduation.
  • Students are provided high-quality curriculum and teacher support, tuition-free.
  • Students receive a notebook computer, multi-function printer/scanner, additional hardware and software to use while enrolled.
  • Students get live teacher support and local technical support.
Parental Responsibilities
  • High speed internet
  • Supplies, like print or toner cartridges, paper, etc.

Learn more by viewing or downloading the Panther Academy informational pamphlet (PDF).

School Contacts

William Clark, Superintendent
570.744.2521 |

Vanessa Perez, Enrollment
570.744.2521, ext. 2265 | Fax 570.744.2933 |

VLN Student Login

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