Northern Tier Career Center (NTCC)

Instruction in the career and technical education programs, including Co-op (Diversified Occupations) take place at the Northern Tier Career Center (NTCC) located near Towanda. Co-op is only available to 12th grade students. Co-op requirements can be obtained from the guidance office. For all other NTCC programs, most students apply at the end of their 10th grade year during scheduling for 11th grade and begin at the start of their junior year. Career and technical program students will complete the same graduation course requirements as students electing to pursue any other program of study and remain at Northeast Bradford High School. Students are chosen for admittance into a program by administrative recommendation.

Career and technical education program students attend the Northern Tier Career Center daily in the mornings and return to the high school at approximately 11:30 am. They complete the remainder of their scheduled 11th and 12th grade courses during the afternoon. NTCC students should be aware that it is extremely difficult, and in many cases impossible, to recover from failed courses while attending the career center. It is extremely important that students make every effort to pass all courses in all grade levels. A complete description of the NTCC programs can be obtained from the guidance office or on the NTCC website. In 9th and 10th grade, students should select courses that will help prepare them for their program of interest at the NTCC.

For more information, contact the Guidance Office.