School Supplies

Dear Parents/Guardians:

This communication is to inform our community that at last night's meeting the Board of School Directors approved our facemask policy and infraction letter.  We are reminding families that we are currently under a State Mask Mandate and students, staff, and all visitors are required to wear a face-covering upon entering our District buildings unless they have a completed exemption form, signed by an approved medical authority, on file. 

You have been made aware of the exemption requirement, and we will temporarily accept a parent note while you work on completing the required exception form.  A parent note will be valid until September 16, 2021, at which time; we will only accept a completed and signed District exemption form.  The approved policy as well as the exemption forms may be found on our website under COVID Information.   

We appreciate your cooperation and patience as we continue to work and ensure a safe educational experience for all of our District students and employees.  


William J. Clark, Superintendent