Civil War Day

Fifth grade enjoyed a visit from Company 141 on Thursday, May 19th. Students learned about Civil War Era foods, artillery, weapons, and uniforms. Student names were given to the presenters ahead of time and it was amazing to hear how many of the fifth graders have ancestors who fought in the war!

  The highlight of the day was the firing of the cannons! 

  Here are some takeaways from the day:

Elijah DeLancey- “One thing I learned was that an expert marksman can fire three musket rounds in less than a minute. 

Madilyn Callear-” Ladies wore six layers of clothing, and clothing was only washed with water.”

Kaiden Walter- “ Women never fought in battle!” 

Keagan Netherton- “The muzzleloader uses a small bullet that expands and is more focused.”

 All in all, it was a very exciting morning in  5th grade!  

Thank you to all teachers and staff who helped the PTG by providing lunch for the presenters, too!

Click the link for pictures: