Northeast Bradford School District

It is with great pleasure that the NEB Board of Directors has appointed Matthew Holmes Administrator-in-Charge of our school district. Since Mr. Holmes is in the final stages of completing his superintendent requirements, his title will be Administrator-in-charge. Additionally, we are required by the state to utilize an Acting Superintendent, which will be on a per diem basis. We know the terminology of these jobs may cause some confusion as the state has made changes since we last had a situation like this. Mr. Holmes will be in charge of the day-to-day operations and will coordinate and report to the Acting Superintendent when needed.  We know that Mr. Holmes' twelve-plus years of service to this district means that his transition to this new role will bring seamless continuity, consistency, and accountability as we move forward to achieve academic excellence for our students and a positive work environment for our staff.

We also want to take this time to thank our community for their participation in the superintendent survey. Here are the top three responses from the survey: The most important expertise for our next Superintendent was to have excellent communication and leadership skills, maintain high academic participation, and demonstrate commitment to firm discipline. The most important leadership style for our next Superintendent was someone who would create a culture of support and accountability, who would be a decisive, confident, and objective problem-solver, and who would be accessible, approachable, and visible in the school and community. The top three leadership qualities were integrity, commitment, and accountability. We valued your input and used that information to formulate our interview questions. We are confident that Mr. Holmes will lead with this criterion in mind, making Northeast Bradford School District a premier district in this area.

Peggy Hughes

School Board President