Northeast Bradford School District’s emergency plan provides for response actions to be taken in all types of emergencies, therefore, several types of protective responses are planned as follows:


Building Evacuation

Delayed Opening; Cancellation of Classes; Early or Delayed Release

In-place Sheltering



Evacuation to a safe area on the school grounds in case of fire

These actions are normally taken in case of winter storm. Cancellation of classes may also be necessary in case of disruptionof public utility services.

Sudden occurrences such as tornadoes and hazardous materials. Accidents may dictate taking cover in place as the best immediate response.

Total evacuation may become necessary if the school is in an endangered area. Hazardous material accidents or major floods are examples.

Additionally, if your residence should be in an endangered area, and the school is not, your children will be cared for in their regular school until the danger has passed or you or a person you authorize come to the school to regain custody. If a total evacuation becomes necessary, your children will be taken to Bonin’s Roller Rink in Rome, PA. (View or download evacuation map.) In either case, you will be kept informed on the location where you can regain custody of your children through local radio and television announcements.

Parents or others authorized to pick up a student will be required to provide identification at the pick-up point and sign a release register prior to release of a student to their custody. Identification may consist of a driver’s license, social security card, voter registration card, etc. Please identify on the emergency cards those persons whom you authorize to take custody of your children during an emergency.

In the event your child(ren) has a personal means of transportation at school during a declared emergency and ordered evacuation, your child(ren) will not be permitted to transport themselves or others but will be evacuated with the rest of the student body.

During an emergency, please do not telephone schools or attempt to make different arrangements. This will only create confusion and divert staff and faculty members from their assigned emergency duties.

Emergency conditions may also require that an individual school or even the entire school district will have to close for a period of time. In that event, students may be required to complete daily classroom assignments while at home or at another living arrangement.

You will be informed on this requirement through newspapers and radio and TV stations. In addition, you will be informed of the method by which daily class assignments are delivered and completed assignments are returned to the teachers.

School Closures

When the district closes its facilities because of severe weather or another emergency situation, the information is communicated by radio, television, the NEB website, the NEB Facebook page, CR Family app, the One Call Now system and the school telephone system. The decision to close schools in weather-related situations is typically announced by 6:40 am. It is based on key factors, such as road conditions and weather reports, that infringe on the safety of students and staff.

The closure announcement is announced on the following radio and television stations:

When the schools are closed due to weather conditions, all student activities and sporting events are cancelled. If schools are closed for another reason, student activities and sporting events not affected by the specific emergency may be permitted with prior approval of the building administrator.

View or download the Winter Weather Notification regarding closures for the current school year.