The kitchen staff at the Elementary School and High School prepares and serves breakfast and lunch for students each day. Menus are posted monthly. 


All payments for the week or month should be sent to the school in an envelope clearly marked with the student’s full name, grade number, ID number, date, and the amount enclosed. Checks should be made payable to Northeast Bradford Cafeteria. We cannot give change for checks. If you prefer to send one payment for two or more students, please specify how much you would like deposited in each student’s account.


If a student forgets lunch money or lunch, the student may charge a lunch when going through the line. Charges will not be permitted for a la carte purchases, and a la carte purchases will not be allowed if the account has a negative balance. A peanut butter and jelly sandwich meal in place of the main entrée meal will be available to students whose account exceeds $15 in arrears.

Meal Status

Parents/guardians are responsible for submitting information for free and reduced lunch/breakfast as soon as possible and will be financially responsible for charges that occur prior to submitting the paperwork. Free and reduced applications can be picked up at the business office or downloaded (2021-2022 Free & Reduced Lunch Application). If your child/children qualified for free or reduced meals at the end of last school year, their eligibility status will carry over for 30 days. After 30 days any student not on free or reduced status will be placed on full paid status. Students participating in the free and reduced program have complete anonymity.

ID Number

As students proceed through the lunch line, they log in using their district assigned Student ID number. This is accomplished with a barcode scanner or by students entering their number on a pin pad. All students will log in whether they are paying in cash or debiting from their account. As a security measure, the student’s picture will appear on the cafeteria staff’s point of sales screen.

Online Parent/Guardian Access & Online Payments

Online access allows parents/guardians to login to a secure website and view information for the patrons they are permitted to view and will see the following:

  • The complete list of patrons accessible by the current user.

  • The current balance for each patron in the list.

  • A complete list of all the transactions assigned to the selected patron’s account.

  • Ability for parents/guardians to restrict a la carte items from being purchased by their child. The Point of Sale system is updated in real time meaning as soon as an item is added to the restricted list, that student will not be able to purchase it. This is a good way for parents to restrict items that might cause an allergic reaction.

  • Allows parents/guardians to indicate how much a child may spend making a la carte purchases on a weekly basis.

  • Deposit money online into your student’s account.

  • Setup low balance email notifications (alerts).

Insufficient Funds / Returned Checks

Writing a bad check and not making good on that check is a crime. The district takes recourse to recover funds by appealing to the District Magistrate for collection. To avoid this, parents who have received an invoice from the district are encouraged to pay the outstanding balance and fees in cash or credit card as soon as possible. The district reserves the right to refuse checks from any individual who has presented 3 or more checks returned for insufficient funds during any school year.

If a check is returned, the district charges a $25 processing fee. This fee is consistent with fees charged by other area businesses for bad checks. For more information, contact the Business Office at 570.744.2521.

Contact Us

Alice Bennett, Food Services Director
The Nutrition Group
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Summer feeding for children is available in many places throughout the country. Locations that sponsor the Summer Food Service Program provide free meals to all children aged 18 and younger!  To find a location for the program go to this website!