2020-2021 Courses

A major emphasis of the guidance services provided to the students at Northeast Bradford High School is to assist with educational and career planning. To ensure that students are provided with pertinent information concerning all subject and course offerings at Northeast Bradford, the guidance department has compiled this curriculum and course offerings guide in conjunction with the teachers of each specific subject area.

Throughout every school year, students should continue to investigate career choices, learn about and understand the high school subjects needed to best prepare them in their fields of interest, determine what additional schooling is appropriate, and plan accordingly by choosing appropriate required courses, prerequisites, and electives while working towards graduation from Northeast Bradford.

Northern Tier Career Center

Detailed information about the options offered by the Northern Tier Career Center (NTCC) can be found within the course catalog or by visiting www.ntccschool.org. For more information, call NTCC at 570-265-8111.