My Next Move allows students to complete a quick interest profiler to learn their top three Holland codes—determine their personality type(s)—as well as explore careers, determine the educational levels for various careers and the anticipate d job growth, and then search for programs that offer the various programs to prepare for a particular career. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR INTEREST PROFILER AND CAREER EXPLORATION! The other sites listed compliment mynextmove.


This website is designed to take you through the entire exploration, decision-making, and planning process regarding careers. This site provides an extensive list of careers, each accompanied by a detailed description, the education and skill level needed, as well as the expected yearly earnings. This site also provides a timeline for students from 7th through 12th grade. It advises you on what you should be doing and when during your high school career, what tests and assessments you should take to prepare for college, and gives you advice on how to eventually decide on a college or technical school. This site also provides information on the Financial Aid process (paying for college). You can also design a resume and cover letter. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR CAREER EXPLORATION!


This website is a wonderful resource for exploring careers. It is VERY user-friendly and will allow you to pick specific careers from broad categories. You can also link from a career description to find out what schools offer training appropriate for your career choice as well as watch video materials detailing the nature of the work you would perform in a given career. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR CAREER EXPLORATION AND CHOOSING A COLLEGE/TRAINING PROGRAM!


Standing for “Pennsylvania’s Higher Education Assistance Agency”, the PHEAA site provides information to Pennsylvania residents/students about the Financial Aid process. This site discusses programs specific to Pennsylvania that can help students best receive and pay back the money needed for college. It also provides a nice Financial Aid timeline. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR FINANCIAL AID (PAYING FOR COLLEGE) INFORMATION!


This is the FEDERAL site providing information and resources regarding paying for college. It discusses the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) which every student must complete in their senior year before they are able to attend college/training programs. The site discusses this form in detail and provides links to the application. It also provides a FAFSA FORCASTER which can give you an idea of what, if any, financial aid you may qualify for. This site will supplement the information on the PHEAA site regarding the financial aid process. www.fafsaed.gov will link you directly to the FAFSA form and FAFSA ON THE WEB WORKSHEET, a worksheet which helps families gather appropriate and needed information to complete the FAFSA. You can also request a PIN from the www.fafsaed.gov website to be able to electronically sign your FAFSA after completing it online. HIGLY RECOMMENDED FOR FINANCIAL AID INFORMATION, COLLEGE SELECTION INFORMATION, AND FAFSA INFORMATION! Also, the site www.youcandealwithit.com offers information on how to pay back student loans and savings tips.


This is the site where students find information about and register for the SAT. It also provides information about the PSAT and AP programs. It has a very nice college search tool that will help students locate and compare schools of interest. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR CHOOSING A COLLEGE/TRAINING PROGRAM, SAT, PSAT, AND AP TESTING INFORMATION AND SAT REGISTRATION!


This is the site where students learn about and register for the ACT. This site provides much of the same information and is similar in format to the College Board website. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ACT TESTING INFORMATION AND REGISTRATION!


This site allows students to gain skills in a number of content areas, such as math, science, and English. It also gives students the opportunity to take practice SAT and ACT exams for free as well as a practice college entrance exam.


This site provides a list of the state system schools in Pennsylvania and also the contact information, degree offerings, and current admission and enrollment statuses. These colleges are public rather than private and are often times more affordable than many of the private schools. It is recommended that students apply to at least one state school. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ALL PA STUDENTS TO CONSIDER THESE SCHOOLS!


Designed to help those students thinking about a military career, this is the place to get started. This site provides an excellent list of military occupations, as well as information to share with parents. In addition, it discusses how to find a recruiter in your area. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR STUDENTS INTERESTED IN MILITARY CAREERS!


This site will help students locate community colleges all over the United States. Many students know that starting at a four year school or starting far from home is not for them. This site will help students locate schools that are reasonably priced, not far from home, and are nice starting points for students uncertain about their future career paths. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR STUDENTS WISHING TO ATTEND A COMMUNITY COLLEGE OR TECHNICAL SCHOOL!


This website is very nice for gathering specific information regarding colleges nationwide. It also gives information provided by students and/or other individuals who have gone to visit the school. Some topics that are reviewed by visitors include campus safety, conditions of dormitories, and friendliness among many others.


This site is a wonderful way to email directly to college admissions offices to collect information and have your questions answered. It also has a wonderful link to schools that assist students with disabilities. Also scholarship information. A GREAT ALL-AROUND SITE!


This is a scholarship search site allowing students to locate scholarships based on personal characteristics, interests, and experiences. This way, students only receive information about scholarship opportunities that are a good match. This site also provides a college search tool.


This is an additional scholarship search site much like fastweb that will find scholarships matching specific search criteria.


This is a scholarship search and match site to assist students in finding scholarships that are relevant to them based off the criteria they submit.


This site provides current information regarding employment and career trends in the state of Pennsylvania. This site can help a student decide if a certain career path will allow for opportunities in the years to come, as it projects future needs in a variety of fields. It discusses fastest growing occupations based on needed training after high school, and also the current number of PA residents working in different fields. This site provides links to others that can help students locate current job openings.


This site provides current information regarding employment and career trends nationally and provides access to the Occupational Outlook Handbook.


This site links businesses and individuals to Pennsylvania’s workforce development and independent living services offered through these agencies: Department of Labor and Industry and Department of Public Welfare. Closely linked to PACareerLink.


This site links businesses and individuals to Pennsylvania’s workforce development and independent living services offered through these agencies: Department of Labor and Industry and Department of Public Welfare.


PAsmart connects Pennsylvanians with the information they need to succeed in our evolving economy. We know a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. That’s why PAsmart includes resources on education and training opportunities, apprenticeships, and STEM careers. PAsmart highlights a variety of career options with family-sustaining wages, including careers that don’t require a four-year college degree.


This website outlines the required PA standards for Career Education and Work.


Check out this website for a variety of scholarship opportunities.