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Regional ISE Representative
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Exchange program seeks hosts families in local area

International Student Exchange (ISE) seeks host families in the New York/Pennsylvania region for high school students from other countries. Students attend high schools within the host family’s school district for a semester or a full school year.

Families don’t necessarily need to have teenagers living in the home to become a host family; they may have young children, adult children or no children at all. It’s a great opportunity for empty nesters and single adults, although singles must host two students from two different countries. Students come from Germany, France, Spain, Mexico, China, Thailand and Vietnam, and are eager to find host families in this area. Homeschooling families can benefit from the program as a cultural learning experience for their own children, even though exchange students must attend local high schools.

Exchange students may go on vacations or take day trips with host families during the school year as long as there is an educational component. Several students are skiers and would love to stay with a skiing family or couple. Many students enjoy various sports, some are musically or artistically inclined, and some like to cook. Students are encouraged to participate in high school clubs and activities, and engage in community service through Project HELP, an ISE initiative.

Exchange students:

  • Are 15 – 18 years old

  • Bring spending money

  • Speak English

  • Have full insurance

Host Families:

  • Provide a loving and caring home for the student

  • Provide a bed and place to study

  • Provide three meals a day

  • Treat the student as a family member


  • Exchange students provide American students with great insight into their home countries, cultures and customs. American students are given a chance to forge lifelong friendships with students from around the world.

  • Communities that embrace the program often experience a renewed sense of pride when they expose exchange students to the American way of life.

For more information about hosting, contact ISE Representative Jill Darling at 607.239.1029 (cell) or 570.395.3215 (home). Applications must be completed and background checks made prior to students’ arrival in August. Visit to learn more about the program.