Requirements for Students to Take Medication at School

If a student needs to take medication during school hours, the district requires the following:

1. Parents submit a written request giving permission for administration. Renew all requests at the beginning of each school year.

2. Parents provide a doctor’s order for the school nurse to administer the medication during school hours.

3. Parents, or designated adults, deliver all prescription and non-prescription medications to the school nurse. If the nurse is unavailable, the medications can be delivered to the front office. Students and bus/van drivers are not allowed to bring medications to school.

4. Clearly label all medications with:

  • student’s name and address

  • directions for use (dosage, frequency, time of administration and any other special instructions)

  • name of licensed prescriber

  • prescription serial number,

  • date originally filled

  • name of medication

  • amount dispensed, if applicable

The school nurse administers all medications. In the event of an emergency, a district employee may administer medication. However, students may possess and use asthma inhalers and epinephrine auto-injectors as long as they are authorized in writing by parents for self-administration.

All medication is stored in the original package/pharmacy-labeled container, and kept in a locked cabinet.

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