The Panther Academy offers a flexible and supportive learning program for students and parents seeking an alternative to the conventional classroom education through online instruction.


  • Tuition-free programs are available to students in grades K-12.

  • Students earn a diploma from Northeast Bradford School District and may walk at graduation.

  • Students are provided high-quality curriculum and teacher support, tuition-free.

  • Students receive a notebook computer, additional hardware and software to use while enrolled.

  • Students get live teacher support and local technical support.

Parental Responsibilities

  • High-speed internet

  • Supplies, like print or toner cartridges, paper, etc.



All requirements must be completed and returned before Panther Academy coursework will be assigned to students.

1. The "Guidelines for Panther Academy" form must be completed EACH YEAR by ALL students enrolling in any number of Panther Academy courses.

2. The "Loan Agreement-Panther Academy" form must be completed EACH YEAR by students wishing to borrow technology. Please complete the student name, parent guardian name, and sign and date at the bottom. The technology department will determine the necessary equipment and complete the remaining fields on the form. Equipment is returned at the end of each school year.

3. The "Withdraw-Enroll Panther Academy" form ONLY needs to be completed by students entering the Panther Academy FULL-TIME for the FIRST TIME. Returning full-time students or students taking courses part-time or single courses DO NOT need to complete this form.

4. "Panther Academy - Welcome Letter" provides an overview of the Panther Academy.

5. "Panther Academy Interest From" is a quick way to let the school know you are interested in hearing more about our online option.

6. "Textbook Sign-Out Sheet" will be provided IF NEEDED to parents upon receipt of textbooks. AP courses are the only courses requiring textbooks at the high school level (grades 7 - 12).


1. Courses for middle school (7th & 8th grade) are predetermined. Electives do not need to be chosen at the middle school level.

2. Coursework for high school students in the core areas will be predetermined and/or discussed with the student/parent on an individual basis.

3. Students in grades 9-12 will be able to choose electives. Six credits total of coursework should be chosen. Credit totals above six must be approved by the administration.

4. Credits appearing on the "Edgenuity Pennsylvania Course List" with an * symbol are intended to be .5 credit, one-part courses. All others are 1.0 credit courses offered in a Part A and Part B format, each part being .5 credit. This is also the case within the "Edgenuity Course Catalog".

5. Courses not currently available to NEB students include:

Cosmetology 1: Cutting Edge Styles - e-Dynamic

Cosmetology 2: The Business of Skin and Nail Care - e-Dynamic

Health Science Concepts

Introduction to Health Science

Medical Terminology

Introduction to Computer Science

American Sign Language 1 - e-Dynamic

American Sign Language 2 - e-Dynamic

Dual Enrollment

Driver's Education 

School Contacts

Matthew Holmes, Administrator In Charge

Vanessa Perez, Technology
NEB equipment and connection issues

Michael Murphy, Panther Academy Director
Student registrations, course registrations and withdrawals

Wendy Carrington, Elementary School
Student Case Manager and Point of Contact (student grades, testing, tutoring, and parent, student and teacher communication)

Important Dates

Semester 1 = 9/10 - 1/14

Grades pulled for Q1 report cards on 10/30

Semester 2 = 1/21 - 5/27

Grades pulled for Q3 report cards on 3/25