The NEB Student Loan Fund (NBSLF) is available to any Northeast Bradford alumni who is attending college or trade school, earning continuing education credits or a Master’s Degree. The Fund was formed in 1958 with a goal of raising $10,000 to loan to NEB graduates in need. Since then, it has helped 321 students. NBSLF currently has about $198,000 on loan, with a total of $322,130 in assets.

This is a loan that must be repaid, it is not a scholarship. Applicants are encouraged to carefully calculate anticipated expenses and to not borrow more than needed. Applicants may be awarded up to $3,000/year for up 5 years toward the pursuance of a degree(s), depending on the funds available and degree of need.

The process to apply for a loan is simple.

  • After applying for federal aid via the FAFSA form, the applicant receives a Student Aid Report (SAR). This report lists the expected family contribution (EFC), which the Fund uses to prioritize loan applicants. Make a copy of page one of the SAR that shows the EFC.

  • Download the NBSLF Loan Application and complete it. Be sure to identify two co-signers for the loan.

  • Return the completed application and supplemental information (including page one of the SAR) to: Allisen Altvater, NBSLF,